About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

Rent My Software, work on a renting system. We will develop the system at a very low cost and then will rent it too you. This way you save by not having to put down huge amounts of capital. Easy to use applications

Our Mission.

We are big enough to have the necessary skills, experience and have a professional approach, but small enough to have the time for your specific problem. No problem or system is too small, big, simple or complex to be declined. We value your business and will do the utmost to add value to your company.

What we Do.

Rent My Software has skilled developers that can assist you to ensure that your business implement the best information system for your kind of business. We use the latest techonolgies and standards to ensure you have a state of the art application. We also do Website development, Business plan drafting and Customer support